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This my friends, is a picture of Kevin and Chris

Kevin and Chris Meland

We had the vision for a ministry that could touch the lives of broken and devastated marriages. Why? Because we were there in 1998 with our own story of a very painful divorce. After being divorced for one year, we had a miracle of reconciliation in our marriage and we soon remarried each other. Through all of it we were able to see that with the power of Christ, any marriage can be saved. We have a passion to help other marriages through the journey of ups and downs that we all face. Our goal is to teach couples how to use the God given tools found in the bible to help restore, enrich, and empower marriages and build hope that lasts a lifetime. We invite you to see our hearts, our passion for restoration in all marriages, and learn more about this ministry that God has so sovereignly allowed us to be part of.

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Evaline chepkoech says:

    I am Evaline from kenya-Africa.i love Jesus.i am married for 7yrs.i am living in avery painful marriage.my husband is an immoral person.what will i do about this? Help me please,i need peace of Jesus in my heart.here is deadly disease called AIDS.what will i do now?.God prohibits divorce.

    • admin says:

      Hi Evaline, I am so glad you love Jesus that is so important for survival. Your situation is very difficult as i know you must be struggling to be loving to your husband but his actions are hurting you. Continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to give you guidance about how to respond to his infidelity. He is bringing sickness and disease and into your home and i would talk to him about preventative measures you can take to protect yourself from AIDS. I would also ask Him to attend counseling with you. Please seek counsel for yourself and ask for support for yourself as your situation is so painful. You will need support from others there and I would seek that. We will pray for you in America. Chris

      • Evaline chepkoech says:

        Thankyou Chris for your advice.may God bless.I write this as tears are running down my cheeks.i am blessed with two children.i need to leave but unfotunately earn no income.its better to rent ahouse and stay in peace.his ladies often abuses me.

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