So Chris and I have been looking at the financial needs that Mountain Haven currently has, and we would like to give our supporters the opportunity to hear about them and pray about helping out. A few of our donors have asked us to be more transparent with our ongoing needs with our supporters. This has always been difficult for me because I have always been self­-employed in the past and have just made things happen financially for Chris and I. I praise God that He has given me the gift of faith and always given me witty ideas as an entrepreneur, however I am trusting Him to provide for Mountain Haven and honestly it is a whole new world for me.

Here are the things we are in need of in 2016: They total $36,365.00

● Provision for Chris’ salary­Chris made $8990.00 in 2015 which is well below what we need to survive. This equates to $4.68/hr for a 40hr work week.

● The driveway is in serious need of gravel­15 loads delivered. I can spread the gravel.

● We desperately need a new DC solar pump for our well.

● Cabinet doors for the kitchen & bathrooms which will complete the main & upper levels of the ministry home

● 6 solar panels­ during the summer run the system, but during the winter we lack the daylight hours to do the job. Follows is a breakdown of the bullet points above clarifying the Mountain Haven needs:

Chris’s salary­-$16,000 additional for 2016 First, we are so blessed to live in such a beautiful home and setting and because I am the caretaker of the ranch, we are compensated for my time with a housing allowance. That is a wonderful bonus. Because we also have all of the other normal expenses to cover per month PERSONALLY, I sell around 50 cords of firewood per year, haul hay, and complete other jobs when the jobs present themselves. I also guide big game hunts in the fall, and sell some calves in the fall in order to pay our PERSONAL bills.

Because of 2 back surgeries and continual pain due to my back, I am able to do less physical work every year though I am truly energized being outside and working with my hands. Our prayer is that Chris would be able to get a salary of $25,000.00 in 2016 & we ask that you would stand with us for that too.

The driveway­-$5000.00 Many of you have been out here and witnessed the challenges we have faced with a steep mountain driveway, but we are constantly reminded that it is a means to get up to one of the most beautiful views in this part of the Country! The problem with our driveway is the lack of funds needed to maintain it each year. Over 8 years the driveway has experienced erosion and it’s time to rebuild. I spend a considerable time in a skid steer each year robbing gravel from one place to try to fix another, which just compounds the issue. We have a close friend/excavator that is considering donating some of their time in a dump truck to offset some of the cost to haul the gravel, but we are still talking about needing 15 loads minimum in order to get things straightened out properly. The truth is that over 50% of the guests that visit Mountain Haven are not comfortable with the conditions of the driveway, and that is just not acceptable.

The well-­$3000.00 Our well is 475 feet deep and produces only a ¼ gallon per minute. The problem with that is we pump it several times per day and get around 150 gallons out of those 3 pumpings. It just isn’t enough to keep up with our needs and the needs of our many guests. After much research, I’ve found a solar powered pump that runs merely on a 100 watt solar panel and a single battery and runs 24 hours at ¼ gallon per minute until the cistern is filled. This would allow us to free up 1 generator and would eliminate running the well 3 times per day. This would cut down on time and stress for Chris and I as well.

Cabinet doors-­$9865.00 We were so blessed to be given the opportunity to build these beautiful Beetle Kill Pine cabinets at Cedar Rose Cabinetry. My Dad and I spent time learning the trade in a short time and built the cabinets from scratch, however we didn’t have the funds to get the cabinet doors when we built them 4 years ago. This is a great need for MH because it is the only thing that is unfinished in the the main part of the house and really looks UNFINISHED and does not provide protection from the continual dust and dirt build up. It would be so awesome to finally have these finished so that Chris could show off this beautiful kitchen to the many guests that come up to MH for counseling or to visit.

Solar panels­-$2500.00 Lastly, we are in need for 6 more 250 watt panels and a charge controller to optimize the system that we have here at MH. This would eliminate a lot of hours of generator run time at times when the sun is marginal, or in the winter when we just don’t have as many daylight hours for the panel to charge the large battery bank. God provided new batteries and in fact doubled the amount of batteries last Spring which was such a great improvement to the system.

Thanks for taking the time to read over these DREAMS, GOALS and PRAYERS for 2016­ we ask that you would prayerfully consider being part of one of these projects in 2016. If 100 people gave$364.00, or if 728 people gave $50.00, or 37 people gave 1000.00 one time gifts that would be all the provision. We know it’s possible, please agree with us that it can happen.

We are so grateful for all of you and for all of the spiritual, physical, and financial support that you have already given. We have been blessed with hundreds of students and adults that have poured out blood, sweat, & their giving hearts in order for MH to be where it is today! You have given generously! Thanks for continuing to impart hope. This place has boasted almost 600 visitors since we moved here and we welcome the next 600!

Love to you all, Kevin & Chris Meland Mountain Haven Founders

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