August 2013 Newsletter


 I (Chris) have been noticing the erosion of the hillsides as I have been hiking and running the mountainsides. We have had a crazy amount of rain this year. And with the nourishment comes flash-flooding and hard rains that change the landscape. So it is with marriage. There is an erosion that happens as flash-floods hit our marriage out of nowhere— those surprise times that come out of the blue and catch us off guard. It may be be sickness, unexpected expenses, an addicted spouse, wayward child, or a painful discovery about our spouse, or just the day-to-day behaviors and personality traits of our spouse that wear away or erode the landscape of our soul. We all have to face the changing landscape of our emotional well being as erosion moves in our life.

 The funny thing is that there are a lot of different types of erosion.There are gaping holes in the ground where rain ran too fast and too hard and ripped boulders and trees from their resting spots. Then there are the rivers and reshaped trenches that formed to allow the water to run more efficiently down the mountainside. I suppose we are like the mountain, we can make space on the easy side to allow a new path—a new way of thinking. Or we can resist the fall of the rain and cause the painstaking creation of a new path. The choice is ours. I think in my life it has been the ripping approach more than the reshaping approach. I don’t understand the challenges that come my way to erode my soul, so I resist. I stake my claim in my old way of thinking, doing things and expecting certain outcomes. Usually that way hurts me more than helps me. I have to move out of the way of what is happening and allow my firmly rooted beliefs to be ripped up to create a hole in my opinion or belief. Erosion is natural, it can actually be beautiful, but there is no question it is painful.

 When we see the rain coming, the downpour and the challenge to our old path, why not stand back and provide a fresh landscape to rain upon? I for one am tired of trying to fight the rain and stay planted. I am open to the new paths that erosion will form in my life as I relate to Kevin. I am also scared. The new paths hurt and they are exposed and raw for a little bit. The key is to walk tenderly in those areas of erosion. When I am hiking in a new spot; the dirt is softer, it caves in and is not firm. It is important as we grow through change that we are patient with one another in not stepping to quickly on that new ground and expecting it to hold us. We have to allow ourselves to be shaped by God’s refining process of rain in our lives. The result will be beauty; the journey will be painful.The result will be a more beautiful landscape.

 Thank you for praying for our journey!

We covet your prayers. We wish to reach more couples and families through an intensive setting out here in Colorado. Please refer any hurting couples out here to Reclaim their marriages. Or consider a life—giving pastoral Refuel time away, or an encouraging Refresh weekend for marriages in need of a get-away. We are here to serve, minister and provide refreshment to anyone in need. This place is life-giving and hope-filled. And remember, all our services are 100% donation based. We ask others to give as they can. No one is turned away for financial reasons.

We are always looking for more monthly and one-time partners to help make our donation-based services available. Pray about how to give. Give at or mail a tax-deductible donation to 1160 Diamond Back Trail Canon City, CO 81212. Stay in touch with praise or prayer requests as well.

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