December 2013 Newsletter


 One of the meanings of the word reflection is serious thought or consideration.”We would like to give this last year with Mountain Haven some serious thought. What a year it has been. For those that are new to the ministry of Mountain Haven, we welcome you. For those that have been long time supporters, we salute you and thank you. The evolution of this ministry has been marked with so much gratitude, some perplexity, a little confusion, plenty of joy, a bucket of tears, and constant refinement. This year we have been blessed to have over 70+ visitors to Mountain Haven. These visitors came in the form of families passing through, sojourners needing a place to lay their heads and rest in a haven, couples that faced brokenness and were seeking help, young missionaries zealously serving and investing, and donors and supporters celebrating the growth of Mountain Haven.

 We have also been able to minister to over 20 people through some powerful group experiences, and counsel and minister to 125+ people this year either through couples or individual counseling, both at our office and in the ministry home. In addition to the seven (7) christian TV shows we have been privileged to be a part of in the past years, this year we had a special privilege to fly out to New York and be interviewed for a network television show on the Oprah Winfrey Network that has already aired. The time we spent sharing our story with network producers, cameramen and staff was really powerful and hope-giving. We have also done three radio shows this year, one in a hospital bathroom while awaiting Kevin’s surgery in March, and lastly we have been blessed to sell and give away over 200 of our books “The Hope Filled Marriage”and “Loving Her Eternally.”

 We are on a short sabbatical from direct client contact to refresh, rest, renew, and rewrite some policies and research some ideas for next year. We are giving God’s kingdom serious thought. When Jesus asked his disciples to pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” this was serious business. The idea of establishing God’s kingdom here on this earth is daunting, to say the least. More daunting is the truth that the “kingdom of God is within us” (Luke 17:21). We need to be ready to be surprised by what God’s kingdom may look like. You see, Kevin and I had a pretty, tidy, little strategic plan to complete Mountain Haven (the building) in phases and with money we thought was there through different investments. We had a wonderful idea of serving and giving our all to the business of marriage and family with full trust that God would provide every penny needed for that service.

 Needless to say, the plan as we had designed it, did not work. There was a tragic fire in 2008 resulting in the loss of all our material and personal possessions, there were three major surgeries for Kevin (09′ 11′ and 12′), there was difficulty getting connected and establishing ourselves in our community due to geography, and there were multiple financial trials that we were not prepared for. But God has come through by surprising us with a different plan. We are deeper and more transparent, less strategic more contemplative, our couple-ship is stronger and more forgiving, we have a fierce passion to live untethered to this world, and we have been blessed to minister with, to, and alongside some of the most beautiful, vulnerable and authentic people one would ever get the opportunity to meet. We have been provided for in surprising, and almost laughable ways, and it has all been a stripping away of ourselves so that what remains is the kingdom of God and His glory. What a story; to be used in and despite our brokenness. Wow, God really meant it when he said that in our weakness He is made strong.

 We are excited to finish out this year with thanksgiving and hope that God has some more surprises for us and for the people we serve and meet. Be open to His voice and when the path seems to take you in a different direction, be open to the idea that His kingdom is more important than yours. If you want to serve Jesus in your marriage, your family, the marketplace, your church and in your heart – then take some time to reflect and give serious thought to how He is challenging you to give up pre-conceived notions and ideas about the “best” plan for your life. Whatever you think may fill you up, or meet your needs may actually be separating you from a deeper more divine connection with God. Often we can make our outcome, our goal, our desires and our wants, idols in our lives that separate us from just being in God’s presence. Reflect on that idea and pray about establishing His kingdom rather than your own.

 Now, will you take a moment and read some testimonials from some beautiful clients we have been blessed to serve over the last few years. These precious people reflect a life transformed by the power of surrender.

 “Before I met Chris and Kevin through Mountain Haven Ministry, I was struggling in my marriage and just having a tough time navigating through my life. With a full time demanding job, raising five children, and a rocky marriage, I had adapted to the riggers of my day-to-day lifestyle. What Chris and Kevin have given me are the tools I so desperately needed to get back to living my life through Christ and to stop letting life live me. I am forever grateful for the love, guidance and support they have shared with my family and me” (anonymous client)

 “We went to Mountain Haven Marriage Ministry for a one day “tune-up”. Our relationship seemed to have stalled out from many years of sweeping things under the rug as we lived life. We were able to comfortably discuss our issues during our intensive session, and we left with a constructive plan to work on our relationship. Our time with Chris and Kevin helped give us hope for the future. Thank you for this wonderful ministry!” (anonymous couple)

 “Something tragic happened. I was in the process of accepting it and putting my happy mask back on, when someone challenged me. This challenge led me to Mountain Haven and I began a healing process which helped me identify the why’s of what I was doing over and over. I’ve had a lot of pain in my life and through this Godly counseling I’m learning that God has never left me and that He has a purpose for my life. I’m not disposable” (anonymous client)

Mountain Haven Marriage Ministry has had a profound impact on our marriage. We have HOPE again! We participated in the 5-day marriage intensive and walked through many issues and what ultimately led to the break down of our marriage and the resulting affair. It was hard work, but we both felt unconditional love and acceptance from Kevin and Chris. They are the real deal. From day one, we felt an unwavering belief from them that we’re going to make it. And they’ve been where we are which makes it easier to be honest and address the real issues. It’s difficult to summarize the impact they’ve had in our lives, but they are truly the most wise, loving, life giving people we know. We still have work ahead of us, but there are many tools, like our marriage plan, that we can reference from our time at Mountain Haven. Follow-up Skype counseling has also been very helpful. Thank you, Kevin and Chris, for your relentless pursuit and passion for healthy marriages. Thank you for giving us hope again. (anonymous couple)

 Continue to support the Mountain Haven vision of imparting hope to others all over the world

We covet your prayers We need more monthly and one-time partners to help make our donation-based services available. In 2014 we will be offering multiple group settings for clients in order to reach more people with the hope of Jesus and we aim to complete the ministry home by partnering with other ministry teams. God has been good.

Please consider Mountain Haven for your end of year giving. You can give a tax deductible donation at or mail it to 1160 Diamond Back Trail Canon City, CO 81212. Stay in touch with praise or prayer requests as well. Thank you and we love you!


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