February 2018 Newsletter

Newsletter February 2018


Monthly Revenue Required: $7,100.00 and Monthly Revenue Received: $2,417.00 Remaining Need: $4,683.00

Thanks everyone for all your support both monthly and one time donations in 2017. We couldn’t do ministry without you all.  There are items in need of repair and replacing at Mountain Haven.

Finishing the shower in the basement= $1500.00

A solar tracker= $2000.00

A solar well pump=$3500.00

A new walkway for the basement area= $1500.00

Finishing the rock face on the outside of the house= $1500.00

If you are interested in funding one of these projects, please consider giving today; your generosity would be greatly appreciated! All of your donations are stewarded very carefully.

Current Ministry/ Ranch Projects: 1.) Maybe you haven’t seen the Mountain haven space but it is beautiful, serene, and inviting. Make time for your get away, overnight stay, or team building weekend by scheduling your time with us today. All our space is utilized on a donation basis only , please feel free to use it. Contact us for scheduling. We are open every third week for ministry retreat time. 2.) Chris is currently seeing at least 20 people a month and there is a lot of growth happening and she is considering mentoring other women to help support clients in transition.

Something Interesting or Unexpected that Happened Last Month:  1.) We decided to take one year away from the mountain, and take a sabbath in Minnesota. We will continue the ministry outreach on site and keep the facility open one time a month for retreats, relaxation  and support of ministry leaders. We will head out to Minnesota June 1. We are ready for the next year of seeking God and discovering what the future will look like for us and Mountain Haven.

Top Prayer Requests: Pray we can forgive those that have harmed us and from there we can seek reconciliation, if possible, and change.

The Mystery and the Miracle of Forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet shed on the heel that has crushed it” Mark Twain

When you think about forgiveness you probably conjure up lots of words  and phrases like absolution, forgetting, letting it go, clemency, pardon or mercy. I want to invite you into a new way of thinking about forgiveness. The word powerlessness. To forgive is to enter into ultimate powerlessness, whereas to not forgive can be a form of power over another person, maybe even a way to manipulate another or shame, coerce, or diminish another person’s worth. When we are married and both committed to holiness and humility, we are committed to a life of forgiveness. Ultimately  we are committing ourselves to a life of powerlessness.  A life where our will, and our way, are not paramount to the will and way of another person.

Powerlessness makes me think of Matthew 23:11 where Jesus tells us that “The greatest among you will be your servant.”  In an eternal economy there seems to be a different view of what is typically seen as negative. To be powerless means we need to be vulnerable to the possibility that we may get hurt again. This is a very real possibility, and reality, when we are in a partnership of marriage. The economy of forgiveness is the economy of building interest on letting go. Again this feels like an oxymoron. To surrender power over holding that grudge towards your spouse gives God the freedom to work on your spouse’s heart and your attention can be elsewhere; like on yourself.

Like the flower that sheds its fragrance on the heel that has crushed it, we have the ability to spread an aroma of love, kindness, beauty, and the fragrance of delight on our loved one by reclaiming powerlessness rather than power. It makes me think about How the Grinch Stole Christmas, the more the grinch tried to hoard Christmas to himself, the more miserable he became, but it was when he finally released his memories of Christmas, his hurts over Christmas that the holiday finally took on a different, more powerful meaning. I recognize that the act of forgiveness, or a deliberate choice to give into powerlessness, may not be as intentional as it sounds. Sometimes it is the decision to position yourself physically to be in a place of powerlessness. Like hugging that undeserving spouse, or moving towards them instead of away, or writing a card or letter of love, or praying for them. It’s completely counterintuitive.

In a way we can posit that “conversion: from darkness to light can be attained through the surrender of powerlessness found in the act of forgiveness. When we let another person run their own life, their own brokenness, without interference from us, even it leads to their ruination; and we stand by in an attitude of forgiveness – which is ultimately powerlessness; we allow conversion or change to happen. For both of us. We make room for mutual and lasting change , possibly through the process of reconciliation. We clear our minds of how to control the other person, how to influence them to see it from our perspective, and we surrender the outcome completely. Our faith allows us to walk in continued forgiveness, anticipating the possibility of reconciliation. But not lead by this possibility. We no longer need to confront the person’s defiance, grandiosity, narcissism or self centeredness, we are free to let God shine the light of His truth on us, and on them. I think this in turn allows us to see the light that directs us to the next steps for us in the relationship.

I don’t think until we reach this state of  surrendered servanthood -instead of being the one who is greater, or stronger or better – will we ever understand total freedom from the codependency of relationship with another person. Search your heart today for ways you control, ways you fight powerlessness through power, and ways you mistake grudging submission for total surrender. Forgiveness is a must, but all too often we grapple with authentic forgiveness. Without it we will not see real, lasting change.Without we will not experience the miracle and the mystery of forgiveness, that can paradoxically set us free.



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