January 2018 Newsletter


Monthly Revenue Required: $7,100.00 and Monthly Revenue Received: $3,522.00 Remaining Need: $3,578.00

There are items in need of repair and replacing at Mountain Haven.

A new generator for the solar system= $3000.00

Finishing the shower in the basement= $1500.00

A solar tracker= $2000.00

A solar well pump=$3500.00

A new walkway for the basement area= $1500.00

Finishing the rock face on the outside of the house= $1500.00

If you are interested in funding one of these projects, go ahead and give today; your generosity would be greatly appreciated! All of your donations are stewarded very carefully..

Newsletter January 2018
Current Ministry/ Ranch Projects 1.) Maybe you haven’t seen the Mountain haven space but it is beautiful, serene, and inviting. Make time for your get away, overnight stay, or team building weekend by scheduling your time with us today. All our space is utilized on a donation basis only , please feel free to use it. Contact us for scheduling.

Something Interesting or Unexpected that Happened Last Month:  1.) A very generous person donated a 15k windmill to Mountain Haven which will help immensely with our power needs. 2.) The kids were wiped out with influenza for at least 8 days this month and it was exhausting.

Top Prayer Requests: Pray we can look deeper than the surface at the stories others carry inside of themselves.

Be Kind to One Another

“Be kind , for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” Ian Maclaren

Let’s keep it simple in our marriages. There are so many amazing principles that we can choose to live by, but what if kindness was our first “go to?’ This is a difficult way of life because we are so self focused and absorbed with our emotions and experiences. But, there is a battle inside everyone of us. The typical battle is a battle against selfishness. We all want our way, we want to be heard and prove our point. We may feel insecure, depressed, anxious, frustrated, lazy or unhappy and we become self focused. What if, instead of selfishness we decided today that we will pursue selflessness. Not like a victim, who is being oppressed or hurt without their own participation, but with the mindset of a martyr who is willing to face the sacrifice because of a strength that rises up within or a conviction that is driving them? A knowledge that the sacrifice is worth it.

What if apathy has got you thinking that you know the story your spouse is carrying? “Come on I have been here with them for ( fill in the number of years here) ….” So your sense of knowing is sure and fixed. You get the story of their parents’ divorce, their childhood attachment and experiences, their job, their personality. Here’s a thought; what if we asked God to fill us with mercy that was new every morning like Lamentations says? A mercy that allowed us to be kind in whole new ways to our spouse? A mercy that allowed us to decide that we can see with fresh eyes the person we are doing life with? Imagine all the possible adventures and experiences you could have if you could live each day like it was new and treat your spouse as if they were new?

This is what kindness does for us. It helps us notice one another differently while holding the experiences and the story of our spouse close. It’s remembering their attachment style, giving grace to their foundational experiences, and allowing space for them to grow and change. Being kind to others starts with being kind to yourself. Taking care of yourself, paying attention to your soul, your needs, and your own spirit. Are you connecting with others? Are you connecting with God? Are you connecting with yourself? Kindness is the salve to soothe sorrow, kindness is the glue to bind broken pieces of our souls together, kindness is the hand we extend to help another cross a difficult bridge, and kindness is the hug we offer when words fall short.

Everyone is fighting a battle. Sometimes in marriage the battle feel like it is with one another, but the real battle is with ourselves. Our patterns, our family of origin, our attitudes, our selfishness, our habits and die hard ways. Kindness is transformative, reconciling, and restorative. Remember to be kind and remember that everyone is fighting  battle of some kind. It’ could be a new a new one, not the story you thought you knew about your partner; so pay attention and fight with something new. Kindness.

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