July 2013 Newsletter


Thankfulness. Seems pretty easy, doesn’t it? I bet you feel like you are a pretty grateful person; I know we think we are. This month has been a phenomenal fundraising month for Mountain Haven. We have completed many of the tasks that are long overdue around the Mountain Haven Ranch, and we had over 50 visitors in the last two months. So much laughter, so much work, and so much provision. In the middle of it, we had a lightning storm in which our TV and inverter blew. But in the last week, every item that we have worked so hard to obtain and utilize for running this ministry efficiently has stopped working. The tractor that we use for the upkeep of the driveway, for instance, broke down. And of course we had a flash flood that washed away all the gravel we had just hauled in, so we were in dire need of fixing it up. Our solar panels, which are our only source of powering up our batteries that run all of our electricity, also went. Our generator that serves as our back up power source, our gates that open and close with remotes to make entering the ranch much easier so we don’t have to get in and our of our cars twice upon entering and leaving the ranch, and lastly, our generator that runs our well, which pumps water up to our house—these all broke down as well. WHEW! After all that, our thankfulness was surely tested.

Thankfulness actually means “feeling or expressing thanks; being grateful.” I can say that the expression of thanks is not difficult for us; we like to thank people. We are especially thankful for all of our supporters, friends, prayer partners, workers, and visitors such as yourself who have silently or loudly cheered us on over the years. Thank you! Thank you! The words come out, but our heart condition is weary. Thankfulness is very difficult in the middle of unfair circumstances. We want to be grateful we can walk when we see others with limited mobility; we want to be thankful for a spouse when another has lost a lifelong partner; we wish to be jubilant over healthy children when we watch another friend’s child suffer; and yet we often aren’t. We complain, we lament, we grumble, and we wish it would look different. When the Apostle Paul said he had learned to be content in whatever circumstance he found himself in, don’t you just find yourself questioning how?

Author Henry Nouwen wrote a book called “Here and Now” that reinforces the idea of living in the present. How we react to the “now” circumstances of our life shows our character and the depth of our trust in God. It requires a lot of inner silence and intentional listening to see the divine moments in these seemingly thankless events. Are you able to be silent and see that the hand of God is big enough to walk you through these tests and trials? Or do you react in the moment and decide things from your emotional reaction? I know that we often let our feelings guide us in our reactions, and there are so many times we hurt each other by doing that. If we are able to live in a place of thankfulness, we wouldn’t get stuck focusing on the circumstance and feeling trapped by the moment. There is an eternal picture; we just need to be quiet, look to the skies, see the grandeur of our God, and trust that He will bring contentment to us despite our circumstances. Do it today: sit quietly for five minutes—no TV, no social media, no conversation—and just let the restlessness pour out of you so yo!u can develop thankfulness. I know I have had to do that a lot these last few weeks.Let thankfulness be, not only a verbal expression in your life, but a way of your heart

Mountain Haven Thanks you!

Mountain Haven raised over $10,000 in our Walk for Freedom and matching grant campaign. These monies allow us to continue to serve our community, and the world abroad, by providing services at a 100% donation only basis. It also equipped us with the resources to almost fully complete the couples lodging area at our Mountain Home. There is a wonderful private bedroom, private bathroom and a kitchen that is almost complete. We are grateful that the facility is closer to completion and thankful for all the prayers, givers, and workers that made this happen. Mountain Haven is a place of hope and peace and God has been good to provide this as a community and national intensive counseling and retreat location.

We are always looking for more monthly and one-time partners to help make our donation-based services available. Pray about how to give. Give at www.mountainhavenmarriageministry.com or mail a tax-deductible donation to 1160 Diamond Back Trail Canon City, CO 81212. Stay in touch with praise or prayer requests as well.

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