July 2017 Newsletter


July 2017

Financials: Monthly Revenue Required: $7,100.00 and Monthly Revenue Received: $2,207.00 Remaining Need: $4,893.00

If you feel led to give please do. All donations are used for direct service costs associated with running Mountain Haven. We know God will continue to provide.

Current Ministry/ Ranch Projects: 1.) Our space is available for your retreat, get away, sabbatical, or small team building meeting at a donation basis. Call or email one of us to schedule today. 2.) We are in the process of trying to move our office to a new location, stay tuned for details. 3.) Starting September 1, 2017 we will be offering individual counseling services for a set fee and no longer at a donation basis. Please contact us for details. If you are a current client you will receive information regarding this change.

Something Interesting or Unexpected that Happened Last Month:  July was busy with 20 days of visitors. Chris attended a counseling sabbatical in Tennessee for rest, counseling and perspective.

Top Prayer Requests: Pray for people to understand their calling and purpose and be brave because it will make them a lot happier in their lives and more able to live in God’s purposes.

Being Brave- Being you

Newsletter July 2017

When you think of being brave what comes to mind? Lifting a car off a person? Running into a burning building to rescue a child? Jumping off a cliff into water 75 feet below? Completing a triathlon? Living life? What is your definition of bravery?

The word bravery comes from the latin Fortitudo or Virtus means courageous behavior or character (online dictionary). Behavior is our choices, actions or habits. Character represents our values, personality, temperament, disposition or nature. Being brave really means knowing yourself. Knowing your gifts and calling, your personality and how you tick. This seems to be a culture inundated with busyness, and short on self knowledge. We tend to get caught up in the demands of life, the demands that an accessible world creates. There’s a sense of urgency because we get a text or an email, so we think we need to respond. We feel a need to scroll facebook and get lost in minutia, comparing our lives to those around us. We ignore our sense of chaos or our sense of emptiness plaguing us. There is a buzzing in our heads that is telling us to sit still or lay low but we push ourselves, we respond, we react, we do something.

I think being brave is doing small things in line with the here and now. Things in line with your capacity, your calling, your gifts. I am a firm believer in stretching oneself to go beyond limits, to let God change your heart, I have done that my whole life. I am starting to see though that being brave is about being vulnerable when those stretches may be breaking something, or those things you are doing are outside of your capacity and are actually breaking you. Bravery is courageous behavior or character remember? So I think it starts with a choice, a behavior and then character grows.

We all have things we have been trying, ways of being, ways of living, ways of reacting, ways of working, ways of parenting, ways of being in relationship, ways of doing conflict, ways of approaching God, ways of handling our money, our friendships, our church family. But do these ways make us feel brave? Make us feel authentic? Showing forth our whole character? Or are we people pleasing; saying yes when we mean no? Telling ourselves to forgive when we feel there is more to talk about? Letting someone else’s emotions control our situation? Are we making enough time for our family or getting sucked into others issues but feeling to afraid to stop our involvement. I am not talking about living for yourself here. I am talking about living in line with your character by making choices and behaviors that reflect you. A character that changes, grows and evolves according to the season, the circumstances, the trials.

I am learning so much about myself these last few years; things like I am strong but I have allowed myself to become weakened because I have done things out of my character- not sinful things mind you- but things that grated against a conviction or sense I had. I gave out of emptiness because I was used to it, and I was used to that season where my capacity was full and I kept on giving. I gave in during arguments with Kevin because I was worried about his heart rather than standing for the truth for myself. I gave in too quickly to the kids to help them rather then let them learn a lesson. I said yes when I should have said no, I kept giving when I was empty. I took crumbs rather than asking for the loaf of bread in order not to make waves and stick with the status quo. I was not brave. I was conditioned. I was habituated, I was programmed if you will. Programmed to be busy, to respond and not always pay attention to my heart and what it was telling me, what my introversion was saying, what my circumstances were quite obviously showing me.

In order to be brave we first have to sit quietly. Listen and watch our own lives and see what others may see already-those things that we ignore so easily to avoid change, pain and eventually progress. What is your brave move today? What behavior, personality, character, value, or habit can you examine and change in order to be the more authentic you. A braver version of yourself that you have been afraid to see? I challenge you today to seek feedback from others like your God, your spouse, your children or your friends to help you see the newer, braver you.


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