July 2018 Newsletter

Financials: Monthly Revenue Required: $3200.00 and Monthly Revenue Received: $1,232.00 Remaining Need:(+carryover need from last month)  $1143.00

Something Interesting or Unexpected that Happened Last Month: 1.) We have spent the last month trying to get settled and get to know the town of Duluth a little bit. We’ve found some peaceful places that are beautiful to see, and that show God’s beauty.

Top Prayer Requests: 1.) We still need your prayers. Chris and I have started a Crohn’s eating plan that should naturally promote the inflammation to subside. Unfortunately the Fistula and fissure has not healed at all since my procedure on the 3rd of July due to such intense inflammation and ulcerations from Crohn’s, so I’ll have to get on a medication now in order to bring the inflammation down that’s keeping things from healing. This medication has potentially terrible side effects and is extremely expensive so we are processing our next steps.

Mountain Haven July 2018 Newsletter

Waiting on God

“If I am capable of grasping God objectively, I do not believe, but precisely because I cannot do this I must believe” Soren Kierkegaard

Chris and I have spent some time over the last 10 years learning how to wait on God. Sometimes we were able to see His work at hand, and sometimes we never did get the answers we were hoping for. But ultimately we still got an answer. Whether God answers things in our timing, in our way, or according to our desires I believe He is still answering. We’ve spent our time in ministry observing and listening to couples and individuals that were waiting on God at times, and we’ve seen so many different responses to how circumstances turned out.

We all have our own idea of how God answers us, and I believe that He cares about all of our different ways of thinking. I know that in marriage there are two people who usually think differently, even though they may have very similar views about God and His ways. They experience God in unique and diverse ways depending on frame of reference, family of origin, gender, life experience and many other factors. Sometimes one may be in doubt while the other is holding onto faith, sometimes one may feel abandoned by God while one consistently feels the presence of God, sometimes one may just be apathetic following the status quo while the other is asking questions and wondering about ultimate truth.

Chris and I are very different in our personalities, however we have learned to understand our differences much better through our time waiting on, and wrestling with God. We’ve had very different ideas of how we’ve thought things would turn out at times, but it’s also allowed us both to listen more closely to God, to one another, and more importantly to learn from our differences. The life of faith is not lived in a straight line nor does it follow a prescribed path, we need only look to the sacred scriptures to see the varying lives of faith and struggle depicted there to get that. The ultimate quest is to love one another- unabashedly and unequivocally so that in the power of our love for one another- transformation and Christ-likeness can come; even if the “right” answer may not.

Right now Chris and I are waiting for answers from the medical community on how to heal parts of my body that aren’t healing at this time. It is hard not to feel hopeless with a struggle that has been going on for 20 years, and in an unrelenting fashion for the last 9 weeks. We are asking God for answers and are expecting to hear his answers to our prayers through the doctors we are consulting, the research we are doing, the changes we are making, and the tears we are shedding. I believe that some have their prayers answered through a miraculous healing, and some are answered through a healing that is initiated with medicine. I can’t say I understand how He works, but I trust His ways are better than my ways.

Maybe you are waiting on a job, an answer to a struggle in your marriage, a sense of direction with one of your children, or peace about a change in your life. Some may be waiting for answers about an illness. Chris and I are waiting on a lot of those things right now. I want to encourage you to keep listening for God, wrestling with him, telling him your fears, and asking Him for miracles, patience, unexpected answers and healing. We are going to keep listening for His voice. We are going to be waiting on hope, and we are learning to hear each other too.

Take the time to listen to your spouse no matter how much you differ in your thinking, and grow together through your differences. Respect the way that your spouse journeys through pain, questions and doubts. If we trust that God is sovereign and that ultimately He is in charge, I wonder why we try so hard to control the process our spouse goes through to negotiate faith and doubt. Hug each other often, ask questions like “how are you doing today with questions?”, listen intently, try not to project your own wishes and fears onto your spouse. Wait on God by patiently showing grace and love to one another in your marriage and see what can happen.

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