June 2014 Newsletter



At the encouragement of my friend, I, Chris, got a tattoo when I was 40 years old. It’s a very small imprint of a stick figure running…. The symbol seemed appropriate for that time in my life because I loved running, and still do, and yet it also represented persevering and pushing through things to the end. It seems that finishing strong – whether it’s in a race, in a relationship, in a job, or in life, is really difficult to do. Obstacles abound. You can probably relate to that statement can’t you? Marriage has a lot of obstacles: financial difficulty, affairs, addictions, personality differences, spiritual clashes and the list goes on and on…. but keep in mind that in marriage, as in life, we can adopt the attitude of finishing strong. We can remember that although we can’t go back and change the beginning – we can rewrite the end. Living in the middle for an extended period of time can be exhausting, and we pray that the vision for a strong finish will be revealed to you.

Mountain Haven has also been on a quest for the last six years to stay strong, despite feeling like we were living in the middle of the story for so long. The story that was written to complete a ministry home dedicated to individuals, families and couples to come and find rest, hope, and healing for themselves and their marriage – all at a donation-only fee basis. If you know anything about us we have tried hard to raise monthly supporters and support through various fund-raising techniques so that we can continue to offer counseling, retreats, teaching tools, books, and getaways for people all over the world that need Jesus, hope, and repair in their life. Support from all of you has been life-giving and awe-inspiring for us and countless others who we minister to. There have been a lot of obstacles that have attempted to thwart the direction we were headed, and paralyze us in the middle of our story – disease, fire, despair, lack of finances and fear- to say the least. But 2014 is the year for us to finish strong.

If you’ve been out to Mountain Haven you can testify to what an abundantly beautiful place it is. Slowly, but surely, over the last six years this elegant home has been built from the ground up; rock by rock, tile by tile, all handled with love and care. Often done by one of our five mission teams, or one of our hundreds of visitors that has been out here to pour their hearts and souls into this place. We have lived in this place when it was without heat, without proper electricity, without amenities, cabinet doors, furniture and flooring. Many of these things it is still without! In order to finish strong we need your help today. We have our 6th mission team coming out from Rogers, Arkansas in July 2014, and this year we plan to have every aspect of the ministry home completed. Keep reading to find out how you can join in the effort.

This place has been a blessing for the hundreds of people that have been able to stay with us and we want to finish strong so that we can move into the next season for Mountain Haven. For those of you that have invested your time, energy, and finances into this soul-refreshing, spirit-lifting home, thank you. For those of you that have always wanted to invest but haven’t done so before, now is the time. Won’t you consider a donation so that we can double the efforts of the mission team coming here in July? Kevin and I both know that now is our season to be done plowing and planting and growing this ministry home. It’s time to move in to the direction of the next glorious adventure and to live in a completed, welcoming, ministry home available for individuals, couples, and families all over the world to come stay without the stress of a huge financial commitment.

Just like in our marriage, or in our life, when we feel stuck in the middle of the story, sometimes we have to invite other characters and helpers to come into it to help change the direction. That is simply what we are doing today through this newsletter- inviting you into this historical, life-changing story.

We know you receive hundreds of letters asking you to invest your money so why Mountain Haven? The easy answer is just because you want to and you believe in what we do and you believe in us. No pressure, no gimmicks, no manipulation; if you’d like to support this effort you can send the check to Mountain Haven 1160 Diamondback Trail Canon City, CO 81212 or go online and donate through our secure PayPal donation button at www.mountainavenmarriageministry.org Your tax deductible investment, with the work of the mission team, will complete this dream. Thank you!

We love serving, we love to see marriages and lives transformed; we appreciate all the support and prayer that you guys have given us throughout the years. We want to keep going strong and we want to finish strong. Thanks for helping us do that. Send us your praise your prayer requests also.

Please look at our new format for keeping you informed. In an effort to share more of our needs, and to keep you in the loop about Mountain Haven we are adding a section called Ministry at a Glance every month. Thanks for checking it out.


Financials: Monthly Revenue Required: $4,540.00 and Monthly Revenue Received: $3,600.00 Remaining Need: $940.00

Number of couples & individuals we ministered to last month: 13 Couples & 29 Individuals(women, men and kids) plus we had 14 visitors out to Mountain haven in the last two months.

Current ministry projects: 1.) Preparing for a group of 45+ missionaries coming out to work on the ministry home. 2.) Completing the finishing edits on a sexual abuse curriculum called “Reclaiming Hope” for women.

Current ministry ranch projects: Caring for the horses, working on a new switchback on the driveway, building log furniture for the couples area.

Something Interesting or Unique that happened last month: 1.) Kevin and Chris personally adopted a wild mustang to add to the team of horses that we use to minister to people with 2.) Nothing major broke this month. 3.) We added 3 new couples to our counseling schedule. 4.) Chris spoke at a women’s breakfast for a Mother’s Day event in May. 5.) We had our son and his fiancee out to visit and celebrated by having an amazing Italian themed engagement party.

Top Praise of the Month: We are seeing breakthroughs in several couples as they work hard on putting Christ first in their lives.

Top Prayer Requests: 1.) We are still in need of more monthly support. 2.)Pray for the upcoming mission team coming out in a month.

Looking Ahead: 1.) We have 48 students & adults combined coming out the first week in July to serve Mountain Haven by working on the ministry ranch to help complete a large number of tasks. 2.) Chris and I have been asked to help facilitate a marriage effort at the church we are now attending 3.) We are working on organizing a father/son weekend designed to minister to father’s & their sons as they pass into manhood.


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