November 2015 Newsletter


Financials: Monthly Revenue Required: $ 7,100.00 and Monthly Revenue Received: $7,064.00

Remaining Need:( +carryover need from previous months of $9,022.00) $9,058 .00

Current Ministry/ Ranch Projects:  We had an amazing two days of crazy, strong winds that literally pulled up about 60 feet of our decorative, double rail wood fence, and also broke our gate coming into the yard. So we have a new project for Kevin to fix up. Pray for the finances and strength for him to fix it all.

Something Interesting or Unexpected that Happened Last Month: Chris took a fun-filled trip to Idaho to visit a treasured friend, and previous board member, Grace. She and her close friend Molly took the trek together and it was life-giving!! Laughing. painting and making Sushi. She also got to visit her long time friend. and previous board member, Rachel who is on an incredible journey of adoption of three orphans. It was an exciting time of sharing life’s journey together.

Top Prayer Requests: 1.) Families to be restored and communicating in wholehearted, transparent, and life giving ways.

 November 2015 Newsletter

Words Have the Power Build Up, or Tear Down

Proverbs 12:25 “Heaviness in the heart of a man maketh it stoop; but a good word maketh it glad.” ASV 

Speaking positive words to the ones you love can truly bring life! As a father of three, and a husband of one ;) , I use positive affirmation each day to help build up those closest to me. I find that speaking a kind word can change the atmosphere in a moment. Telling your spouse and kids that you love them, each and every day, is also very life giving.

Different personalities bring different techniques of communication in a relationship. Some have to practice for a long time how to tell their family daily that they love them, while some just have a natural gift for communicating this. Your family of origin has a lot to do with how comfortable you are with communicating words of affirmation to those you love. No matter if this comes naturally, or whether it is something you have to work at, it is a vital part of marriage and family unity.

Words can be so damaging so we have to think before responding. I try to remember that Chris and the kids are fragile and breakable by my words. My tone can really change things in a hurry when we are communicating. Chris reminds me to be AWARE and MINDFUL of my emotions so I can be wise in how I respond to her. It’s also important to pay attention to what’s happening in the lives of those you live with so you know how to communicate in the moment. For example, if you know your spouse has had a bad day, or your kids struggled at school today, you may want to wait to communicate about your day and offer words of encouragement instead. Is what you have to say really necessary in that moment?

Husbands, remember that your wife needs to know that you have eyes for her only. You can do this by telling her the things you love about her regularly. Again, use your words to build her up. Speak life giving words about who she is. Notice when she needs that encouragement and go out of your comfort zone and remind her that she is loved. Lastly, use your words to pray for her, in the good times and bad, and watch God intervene in your lives.

Wives,  keep in mind that your husband desires to feel respected. I know there are times when Chris may not feel like respecting me, but she knows how much it ministers to me when she shows respect. I don’t always act in a way that encourages her respect, but in that moment when she goes above and beyond to show it, it brings life to me. Think of little ways to show respect that only your husband could understand. Pray for him often because he needs much strength and courage that can only come from God.

As Parents, we must show our kids how to talk to one another. We are the example friends! They watch us and they do what we do. Show them how to forgive by forgiving out loud and in your attitude. Teach them how to love by hugging, kissing, encouraging your spouse and affirming your children. Train them to be humble by admitting your mistakes quickly and changing your words to seek life rather than excuses! Chris and I give our little girls three words of affirmation before bed every night and it is a time each evening that they look forward to. Honestly, we started the affirmations almost three years ago during a time when it was increasingly difficult to not be frustrated with one of our children’s attitude and behavior. We needed to keep ourselves in check and be more loving, so we committed to end each day with truthful positive words that speak life. I would encourage you to do try this with your kids and see how they react to it. Children love those kind words that we speak to them, so lets build them up!

Taking It Home

1. How do think that you do at speaking words of love and encouragement to your spouse and children? 
2. What changes will you make to improve in this area?

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