March 21st,2013 Blog Post Steadfast Prayer

In Daniel 10 we could take from it that our timing in not necessarily God’s timing. Or, maybe I should say that what happens in our timeframe, or in the scheme of our lives on this present earth may not always appear to you & I to be in sync with what we perceive as GOD’S TIMING. We can easily question why He doesn’t answer our prayers when we want Him to or in the way we seem it fit to us to have them answered.

It seems clear to me that it was confirmed to Daniel by the direct & yet graceful words of the great archangel Gabriel in verse 12 that from the very first day that Daniel set his heart to understand  what was going on during this time in Israel that God did indeed hear the prayer of His servant. Maybe what is happening in this present timeframe we live in is actually closer to God’s timing or timeframe after all? Gabriel explained the that two worlds (spiritual & physical) were battling while Daniel was praying that actually caused the 3 week delay of his prayer being answered.

If the very words we speak to Him are important at the moment we utter them, then it appears that our’s & His timeframe is very much the same. This gives me much assurance of the importance of praying “YOUR WILL BE DONE” as Jesus taught  us in Matthew 6. It also reminds me of how small I am, yet not insignificant to God, & even more importantly how much He loves my conversation with Him & takes it very seriously!

My point is that we need to live & pray as if we care that God’s will is done above our intentions. If you are in a situation that is not understandable to you, keep praying for God’s will to be done. This could be very complex for the spouse that is praying for a miracle in their marriage-that the divorce would not go through. Though we know that it is not God’s ultimate plan for divorce, it is impossible to take the human factor out of the equation.

Please keep in mind when we are praying for matters that involve humans, that the wills of humans are now also on the playing field so to speak. When our wills are present, we have a whole new set of parameters to deal with. Our Sovereign God is graceful & does let us make decisions for ourselves that may not be in our best interest.

Our prayer is that you would not grow weary in prayer. I truly believe that our God hears each & every one & is glorified by the words we pray. I pray you would be strengthened in the times it’s hard to endure through prayer, & that you would continually praise Him as you see His hand through your prayers.


January 29th, 2013 Blog Post  Expanding our Territory

We are so excited to be opening our first office for Mountain Haven. On February 1, 2013, 613 Main Street in Canon City will be home to our office space away from the ranch. God is so good to expand our territory. We reached over 300 individuals last year. Our counseling practice encompasses working with teens, children, families, divorcing couples, reconciling couples, couples in need of refreshing, and those in ministry.What a year and what growth we have experienced. It is good to see that people are willing to take time for their marriages, to find hope for their families through pursuing counseling and coaching offered by Mountain Haven.
Our hope this year is that people will be radically changed by God’s love. That it would surprise them and sneak up on them in the dark places they didn’t think it could go. God’s love is light and light shines on the darkness to repel it but to also expose it. Here at Mountain Haven we want to shine His light because we are all in need of being exposed! As our weaknesses show and our vulnerabilities are brought to the surface, we are awakened to a thirst for righteousness and a craving for change. That is what we try to help people with. Quenching the thirst and walking with others through the changes by bringing relevant truth, a listening ear, a discerning voice and hope. Please tell anyone you know that needs more hope and needs more truth in their life to contact us.
We would love to visit with those craving more, and by opening this new office in the center of the community of Canon City we want to be a bright place where people can find hope, rest and light. We are still 100% donation based and we ask people to give what they can and are able to at each session but with no pressure of a set fee. This allows us to reach so many. Pray for this new space, visit us and spread the word. We can’t wait to see you there.


June 18th, 2012 Blog Post  2012 MISSION TEAM

We are so excited to have 12 adults & 52 students coming out to the Mountain Haven ranch from June 30th-July 8th, 2012. We will be finishing all the decorative rock on the exterior corners, the fireplace rock, the mantle on the fireplace, the railing on the front porch, building a shed/lean-to for the horses, running water line underground from the well to the house, fencing about another 10 acres of winter pasture, landscaping around the ministry home, fencing around the ministry house a installing an auto gate for the cars to get in, framing/elecrical/plumbing/ the basement, possibly sheet rocking the basement walls, tile in the upstairs bathroom and shower, tile around the tub surround, leveling & possibly pouring concrete for the back lower porch, forming and pouring a concrete slab for the hot tub and sitting area, driveway work, loading 10 cords of firewood, working on some misc. items on the lower cabin, and fixing some items on the solar panel array.

The mission team is bringing a good amount of money to put towards these projects, but it still will not be enough to accomplish everything we need to get done. Please consider giving toward the material needed that I am listing below. If you are interested in giving money toward these materials, please visit go to the link above that says “DONATE” and follow the instructions that will bring you to a secure PAYPAL page.

* 150 8′ 2x4s
* 200 lf 2×4 green
* Sheetrock
* 100 bags of quickrete for decorative rock
* 400 lf of 2×4 white
* 400 lf 14-2 wire
* plumbing supplies
* 16 penny framing nails
* cement nails
* 20 sheets of 4×8′ osb
* 10- 2x6x8′ white

Thanks for taking the time to look.


January 30th, 2012 Blog Post  OUR LOVING GOD

Ok, so I am living my dream- Ranching at 8,800 feet on the top of a mountain, horses, killer views, awesome Christian community, Ministering to couples & individuals in beautiful Colorado, partner with 2 of my closest friends in an outfitting company where I get to guide men & women on the big game hunts of their dreams (a life long dream of mine)-not to mention getting to do it & minister to them while we are hunting. By the way God handed that one to me, I mean placed it right in my lap! I also get to see elk any day I want if I try, I have 3 unbelievably awesome/Jesus loving children, married to an awesome/beautiful/respectful wife. And the list goes on & on!

By the way, the above list is not in order. To most, it might seem by  all that I wrote about above like, “WOW, HE REALLY DOES SEEM TO BE LIVING HIS DREAM”.  I’m not kidding, God has truly blessed us & this ministry. I haven’t even begun to list all the financial provision & the miracles that have happened in this non-profit. He IS the King of Kings!

However, we have gone through times of stress, trial, refining, & even tragedy. When we lost everything in the fire on November 8th, 2008, we wondered if we had followed God’s leading out to Colorado to obey & build a marriage ministry. Questions rolled around in our heads for some time after that, but God continued to remind us of His presence despite whatever circumstance we were going through at the time.

HE IS A LOVING GOD! No matter what you are going through today, remember that it is OK to cry out to God in your time of need! Tell Him how you are feeling, not because He doesn’t know already, but because He longs for an authentic relationship with real conversation with us. He is even OK with us questioning Him. I ask Him questions EVERY day, & I feel His love even more EVERY day! I didn’t say that He loves me more every day, but that my relationship with Him is becoming more awesome daily and His Powerful, AGAPE love is being revealed more & more as I draw near to Him. Never be afraid to draw near to your Father!



January 22st, 2012 Blog Post-OUR NEXT RADIO INTERVIEW

Hey all, Chris and I will be doing an hour long radio show on OUTREACH TODAY RADIO in Mesa, Arizona @ 11:00 am MT on Wednesday January 25th, 2012. I believe you will be able to listen live by going to the link below, but if not the latest shows are posted on their site. If you do listen, please make sure and let Chris and I know how we are doing with feedback.


January 21st, 2012 Blog Post-Healthy Communication

Building a healthy/Godly marriage does not happen overnight. Any honest, happily married couples will tell you that it took much sacrifice and hard work over many years to cultivate a marriage that they feel is blissful, and still conflict arises from time to time. The difference in their conflict is in the way they communicate.

Effective communication is one of the most foundational tools in that is used to generate  a marriage where conflict happens in a Godly way. Chris and I are continuing to sharpen each other in this area EVERYDAY of our lives. Praise God that we are becoming more aware of the communication pitfalls that could cause us to fall back into our old ways that where some of the basis for our divorce after 8 years of very destructive communication. When God reconciled our covenant with Him, we believe that He also gave us a gift of communication that helped our new marriage (in 1999) grow in a way that greatly helped us deal so much better with the hurts in each of our pasts. Let me remind you, we do not always obey the Holy Spirit and communicate the way we know to, but over the years God has continued to show us how to do the opposite when we feel like being selfish in our communication.

Couples, please take the time to communicate daily in a genuine, sacrificial way, and watch your marital hurts of the past be healed before your eyes.  EXAMPLE: ask God to cause you to notice your spouse more, especially when they need your attention. When you sense that your spouse is burdened by a stressful day, go to them, grab their hand and communicate that you notice where they are at and then pray for them in the moment.



Pray 1st for about situations you are going through. Try to resolve with your human intelligence as a last choice. This should be natural to Jesus followers, but we so often forget and go into HUMAN mode. When counseling couples this is the very first and most important tool we offer couples. It works and a praying family is a force to be reckoned with! Try it and see how God moves in your marriage.



Chris and I are ministering to more and more couples that never learned to not idolize each other before they got married, but instead keep God at the center of their relationship. When you Idolize your spouse, for instance depending on them for your happiness, you are bound to be let down. You will see them as of course flawed, but God will NEVER let us down! Please take the time to analyze how you view your spouse. Are they a team mate, or do you rely on them to get your happiness?



Awesome Post on Focus on the Family by Jim Daly

‎”Offering family advice is not enough. To make a real difference, we have to introduce people to the Author of family.” —Jim Daly

This is so true. We can teach people all day long how to work on their marriages, but communicating the basic gospel message can be integrated into all of our ministry with people.


January 14th, 2012 BLOG POST-

I am very sad about the numbers of couples out there considering divorce right now, and many feel that their kids would be better if they were not together, because then the fighting would stop in the house. Please don’t be deceived by this lie! You are right that your kids don’t deserve to be amongst the fighting, so get Godly help and change. Your kids need your covenant example more than anything in the world besides GOD!!

Your marriage is the most effective example your children have of how Jesus loves us, His bride. When you really catch that vision and understand this, you will then see why God hates divorce. He does not hate the people, He hates the ripple effect that happens when a divorce occurs. Kids in pain, parents usually act hateful, the original plan for their marriage to be a display of Christ’s love for His bride seems not true, or conditional. Jesus NEVER leaves His bride.

Please understand that Chris & I were divorced for a year and have a real tangible divorce certificate. We do not judge divorced people, but are called to give couples the tools to keep their current marriage healthy. We are still feeling some consequences of our divorce, and they cause us to change and with Jesus’ help be different in our renewed marriage. If your are remarried, do the best in this marriage and give your kids the example of forgiveness by showing your ex-spouse the forgiveness they deserve no matter the circumstances. That doesn’t mean not having boundaries in your certain situation, just forgive them the way Jesus does you.



God’s Country

This is what a lot of winter mornings look like at the Mountain Haven Ranch


We are now doing all of our ministry by donation only. It is very important that no person is unable to get the counseling they need because of a lack of funds. Our goal is to raise the funds needed to support this model and we are already seeing God work in awesome ways.
Please consider coming alongside us by supporting Mountain Haven with a monthly or one time tax-deductible donation. Just click on the DONATE button on the right side of the screen.


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