“Mountain Haven has helped the biblical foundation and God’s will for marriage come alive to me through their counseling, application advice, prayer and strong challenges. Their bold biblical truth and passion for healthy, God-centered marriages is so powerful that it gives me the desire to be the wife God created me to be, even in the toughest of times. One of the most valuable assets my husband and I have received from Mountain Haven is the practical advice that helps us navigate through our conflicts and deeper issues. We feel more confident in our marriage, our spousal roles and in ourselves because Mountain Haven has taught us the power of prayer in marriage and equipped us with a tool belt of practical things to do and better responses to make that are unique to our marriage. Mountain Haven is used by God to change lives, restore marriages and give hope to the hopeless and that is why my husband and I pray for them often and thank God for using them in such a mightily way.”
–Michelle S.


“We are so thankful for the both of you. Our marriage has never been this God centered. We have a love for each other like we have never had before. My husband treats me like a princess; we talk all of the time. We no longer tell each other to shut up. My husband is my best friend. I love him so much. Thank you for taking the time ad ministering to us, forgiving up your life and pouring in to ours. We can never thank you enough for what you did for us.”


“I don’t know what I would have done without the kindness, support, and encouragement from Kevin and Chris Meland. When we go through struggles, pain, and uncertainty about our marriages, it is never good to go it alone. At a time in my life when I needed support the most, they were there. They never asked for anything. They just loved me.


We learn in our “Dark nights of the soul” that God’s grace is sufficient to get us through; and it is. It seems not to be so in the midst of darkness. But . . . He sends His servants and faithful ones to help carry our burdens. Kevin and Chris were those servants to me. They did so without pretense or judgment. I support Mountain Haven because I know firsthand what a blessing the Melands have been in my life. They are passionate supporters of marriage. They offered prayers, counsel, and direction in my own distress.


When you support Mountain Haven, you are supporting that which God loves – people, marriage, family, and commitment. You are making an investment in the eternal. You are making an investment in people like me.”


“Check out this powerful ministry. Kevin and Chris were used by god to help us save our marriage!!”


“I love this ministry kevin and chris are amazing Spirit filled couple reaching out to others. Thank you for being there for us.”


At a time when our marriage hit its worst, when we were headed for divorce, we were led to Mountain Haven Marriage Ministry. Kevin and Chris showed us how to love each other and see each other the way God wants us to. We felt God tugging at our hearts, wanting a change in our marriage and our relationship with Him but didn’t know how to go about this. Kevin and Chris have shown us how to let go and let God come into our lives’ and completely transform our marriage. We are letting God be more present in our lives, learning to pray for each other and being better role models for our children. It has been a wonderful investment for our marriage, for our family, for our future.

-Cochelle E.

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